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Product Range:

Italian Automotive Spares have a wide range of NEW mechanical and service products in stock. Our product range consists of items such as filters, brakes, wiper blades, clutches, water pumps and thermostats, suspension components and wheel bearings.


We also stock more unique mechanical parts such as brake caliper KITS and hoses, bleed screws, overflow bottles, wheel bolts, clutch forks, handbrake cables and tailshaft couplings.


All products we stock are of a high quality and are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Italian Automotive Spares sources the correct parts for Australian Delivered Right Hand Drive Vehicles.


To see a more comprehensive list of parts for each make click on the manufacturer's logo on the HOMEPAGE.

Suspension & Steering Components

Cooling System




Brake Components

Engine Components

Electrical Components

We supply products from the following Original Equipment Manufacturers:

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